How to spot the hidden hidden villas in Mumbai’s beach villas

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There are many hidden villae in Mumbai that can only be seen by taking the right angle and following the street signs.

The easiest way to spot them is by looking at the villas’ names and seeing whether the villa is owned by a family or not.

A lot of villas that are in the middle of a street are owned by families and can be seen on Google Maps.

One of these is the famous Beach Villa Inn in Mira Road.

It’s one of Mumbai’s best-known villas and was owned by the Mira family, who have lived in the area for over three centuries. 

This villa in Mirae Road has been a favourite for many locals in Mumbai.

Photo credit: Biju Gaurav/Flickr The Beach Villa has a number of rooms, including the one in the kitchen, a sitting area, and a balcony.

It has a large swimming pool, which is located directly below the stairs, and is a great place to relax and enjoy a warm beverage after a long day of walking.

This is not the only villa owned by Mira and it’s also not the first one.

There are a few other villas across Mumbai which have been in the same location for over a century, but they are all in the far north of the city, where they are more visible and are often used for weddings and picnics.

There is no reason why a family would live in Miria Road villas all day, but it is a perfect place to enjoy a nice beach or to relax in the sunshine. 

Another famous Beach Villas The Beach Villa is one of the most famous and sought after villas on the island of Mira.

It was built in the early 19th century by the Indian government and has been the most popular place to stay in the city since it opened. 

It’s located in the Mirae Street area, which means it’s in the shadow of the Taj Mahal and the Mumbai skyline. 

As far as I know, the Beach Villa was built by the Maharashtrian government in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It is the oldest villa still in use on the islands. 

According to locals, it was built as a place for the Maharas to stay for two nights in a row. 

The villa has a private garden and there are also balconies overlooking the sea. 

While most of the villars in the Marina Street area have been built over the years, the original Beach Villa in Miraykhani Road is still standing, and has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. 

You can see the beach villa from Miray Khani Road.

Photo source: Bimal Patel/Flickr The Village Inn The Village Inn is one the most unique villas found in Mumbai, and you can find it right next to the Marina street.

It belongs to the Miramitha family and it has been in their family for over 70 years. 

I can’t believe how old it is, but the Village Inn looks like a typical hotel with the windows and doors closed. 

Unlike the Beach Villa, it has a balcony and a swimming pool. 

Its a perfect spot to enjoy the sun after a hard day walking. 

A villa with a swimming pond, in Miramethi Road, Mumbai. 

 It is a good place to visit in the morning or at night, as there is no street traffic and the water is cool. 

There is also a terrace on the beach. 

Photo source: Amitabh Kumar/Flickr Another villa on the Marina Road. 

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 It has been said that one of my favourite places in Mumbai is the Marina Hotel, where you can catch a great view of the sky from all the balconies and pools.

It also has a restaurant, which can be a great option for the evening meal. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, there is another hotel located in Mirabari Road.

This hotel is located in a residential area on the edge of Miramath, opposite the Marina. 

On a sunny day, it is possible to see the sky above Miramthi Road and get a view of Mumbai.