How to pronounce the villa name (and its related meanings)

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When you think of villas, you might think of the white or red tiles, the blue walls, and the garden.

But if you think about the architectural definition, you would think of a house built on a site that is usually referred to as the ‘villa’.

There are so many different variations of villa, and some of them are quite unique to each city and region of India.

For example, in Mumbai, the city’s oldest, most distinctive villa was built in 1879 by G.M. Gautam Bhat, an architect, who was also the founder of the Birla Group of companies, one of the world’s largest real estate firms.

According to a report published in the National Geographic magazine, in the last 50 years, the Bhat family has built more than 50 villas in Mumbai.

These are the most iconic of the villas: The Vineside Villa in Mumbai (1879)