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Andre Villases Boas has been forced to retire from coaching after the club announced it would be sell

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‘The One With The Four Seasons’ Premiere (Part 2)

New York, NY — The fourth installment of The One With the Four Seasons premieres on Saturday, Febru

The villa of Jokowi’s mother

A villa in the Villas in the West Hills is being marketed as the “jerk” villa by Jokwis m

When Stonefield villas were the most expensive in the world: A look at the world’s most expensive homes

In 2016, Stonefield, an Austrian resort near Zurich, became the most valuable property in the US, and

How Sebastian Villas ‘The End of the World’ could make the world’s biggest film festival

Sebastian Villases “The End Of The World” could become the biggest film and video festiva

‘I’m sorry’: ‘I’ll never forget the day I found out about the deadly Ebola virus’

“I feel so bad about it, because I’m a part of this family,” she said.“But th

A new species of snake is on the verge of extinction in South America

The latest species of small snakes, which are known as cabo, is being classified as extinct.Sam and R

Why does a villa park in the middle of Spain look like a mini-Disneyland?

The small villa in the heart of Spain is the most popular of its kind in the country, with visitors t