‘Abandon hope, abandon hope’: Villarreal fans on Villaraldo

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Villarado are on the verge of securing a surprise Champions League spot after a hard-fought 2-1 win over Granada.

They are now nine points clear at the top of La Liga with a game in hand on the holders.

But the visitors were well behind by half-time when Cristian Farias side were punished for their late surge by a poor save from Andres Iniesta.

Granada were on course for a 3-0 lead, but the away side came back to level things before the break.

Andres Inigo Martinez had been called into action in the second half to stop a string of goals being scored in the opening half.

But Villaradona responded by levelling just before the hour mark and then scoring twice in quick succession to put the game beyond doubt.

After a quick break in the Granada box, Villarino took control and headed in a second before Sergio Ramos and Andres Suarez put Granada up 1-0.

Gonzalo Higuain then levelled with a shot and then Sergio Ramos scored with a header after a poor pass by Villariones striker.

Iniesta was called into the second-half for Inigo and his effort was blocked by Inigo.

But Inigo levelled again with a stunning volley, and then Ramos struck again with the goal of the season after another fantastic pass.

It was a very, very, difficult match for Villarinos fans.

They were behind by a goal and deserved it.

I was in tears, because it was a difficult goal for me to save, but we deserved it and we played like we deserved.

But I don’t think we will be the first to go out like that, and they will be disappointed as well.

I’m not sure that they will have the courage to go to the top.

They’ve had two days to think about that.

It’s not a bad result, but they’ll be disappointed.

It’s a bit of a disappointing result.

We have the ball for three minutes, we score three goals, then we get three goals back.

I don’t know what we can say about it, it’s a little disappointing.

We will go out to a great night and the result is not what we had hoped.

But at least we’ll have a few days to reflect on it.

We’re playing in the Champions League.

It will be a tough one.

We’re not in a position to go down.

It was a tough night, but it will be nice to see how things go.

I think we deserved the goal.

We made some mistakes, but I think we were very close to scoring.

Guelao is still on the bench.

I’ve never seen such a performance from the Villarimos.

I’ve never witnessed such a team performance.

They are so disciplined, very well organised, very confident.

They’re very strong and they were on top of the game.

Gusan Tete, on Granada: ‘I hope Villaros don’t make it to the final.’

We are disappointed but it’s not about the result, it is about the work that we’ve put in.

I hope that we don’t go down in the final.

We are very disappointed, but there are positives.

We played with a lot of energy and it was very important to get a result.

But it is not about our team, it was about our work.

We were a very physical team, we were pressing very well and we had the ball.

We should have scored three goals.

I am very happy for them.

It is a shame, but Villarones result is what it is.

It is a big game for us.

It wasn’t a great performance.

We had the opportunity to score a goal, but when the referee gave us a red card, we didn’t make a big effort.

I think it was disappointing.

I didn’t want to see it, but in the end, the referee made the call.

I hope we don,t go down, but maybe we will have a bit more luck in the future.

It will be very difficult.

I know that there are players who want to go through, and it will go well for us, but to be a good team and to win the Champions league, that’s the best thing.

It’ll be tough.