How to live like a celebrity villa in Villas & Ballans

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The villas in Villases &amp ; Ballans are like a playground for the wealthy.

The villa has private baths and a private swimming pool, with a private tennis court.

The main floor is an open-air restaurant with outdoor seating and a balcony overlooking the lake.

The lake is a pool with a mini-bar and outdoor seating.

The spa offers treatments for the body, mind and spirit.

The villas are located in the heart of the villa market, just across the street from the famous Marbella Palace.

The owners say that the villas make it easy to attract the elite who come for a weekend away.

They are popular among the top celebrities who are staying in the villis, like Justin Timberlake, Kate Upton, Robert Pattinson and Sir Tom Hiddleston.

There is also a large number of private villas with private swimming pools and a small restaurant, and a pool on the third floor.