Why did Hillary Clinton’s campaign start to focus on Joe Biden’s foreign policy?

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By JOE BIDEN The White House is struggling to explain why the first lady has become the face of a presidential race that has largely been about Joe Biden and vice president Joe Biden Jr.

The campaign started a month ago with a series of speeches in which she laid out her vision of the country, but her focus has since shifted to her husband, who has a new term on the line.

The vice president, meanwhile, has struggled to maintain a public profile and has been forced to fend off questions about his health and his past dealings with the Clintons.

The Biden campaign, in particular, has focused on Biden’s policies and his positions on gun control, immigration, trade and other issues.

As of Friday, the campaign had not made a major announcement about Biden, but Biden’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, did release a statement saying Biden is not focused on the presidential race and would not be making any new announcements.

“He is focused on helping the American people heal and to lead this country back to the promise of freedom,” the statement said.

“This campaign is about bringing hope and optimism to America, and we need to talk about it,” said Mook.

The White House has repeatedly said the Biden campaign is focused primarily on the 2016 presidential race.

Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, is also a prominent surrogate and a fundraiser for the campaign.

The first lady’s focus is particularly interesting because Biden’s presidential campaign has been plagued by problems.

The campaign has not been able to find a paid surrogate to run for him in Iowa and New Hampshire, two crucial early states that will decide the race for the Democratic nomination.

Biden has not released a formal policy proposal.

His aides have also struggled to answer questions about whether the Biden administration will support the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which the White House and Biden oppose.

The race has been so close, it has not taken long for Biden to emerge as the frontrunner.

The polls are close and Biden’s name has appeared in the top five most-discussed stories of the day on The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

He has raised more than $100 million for his campaign.

He has a strong team of pollsters who have been on the trail for months.

But the Biden team is also in a precarious position.

It is fighting a sustained attack by the Trump campaign that is using surrogates to undermine the vice president.

Biden allies say he needs to show the public he has the ability to get things done, but they are also concerned about the potential damage his decision to step down as vice president could do.

A Biden spokesman declined to comment on Biden.

But a Biden spokesman said he is focused solely on the presidency.

The Joe Biden campaign has had trouble maintaining a public presence.

Jill Biden has been a prominent public figure, but the campaign has struggled with the rollout of its official website.

It has also struggled with issues of transparency, which have been a problem for the first family.

The campaigns has been dogged by a series on its finances and communications.

Last week, the Biden and his wife, Joe, were forced to resign from a board of advisers that is supposed to vet potential presidential candidates.

They are also under investigation for their fundraising efforts.

Aides have been trying to keep the Biden name in the spotlight as the campaign prepares for the final weeks of the campaign and the vice presidency.

They have sought to portray the campaign as focused on economic issues and are trying to portray Biden as an out-of-touch political operator.

They say the Biden strategy has been to paint Biden as out-in-touch and that it is an effort to distract from the real issues facing the country.

In the final days of the primary season, the first couple has been trying, too.

In a series in early January, the family used a trip to China to highlight Biden’s support for free trade agreements and his plans to close the gender pay gap.

Biden himself was not in China, but his wife and daughter took part in a campaign-style speech on the trip.

Joe Biden’s father, former President Jimmy Carter, has also been a frequent surrogate for the candidate.

He is expected to appear on television this week and have a direct line to the public.

In recent weeks, Joe Biden has sought to distance himself from his father’s past foreign policy positions, telling CNN that the former vice president has been wrong about Iraq and about Russia.

Biden did say he had no knowledge of his father working for a Russian intelligence agency in his time as a senator and that he did not know if he had any dealings with Russian intelligence.

A spokesman for the Biden camp said Biden is focused more on helping his father run the country than on the issues of foreign policy and that the campaign will focus on the economy.

Joe and Jill Biden are a part of a family that is trying to do the right thing for America.

The Biden campaign’s strategy is focused exclusively on the president and not on