How to make a woodbines napkin for the holiday season

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Woodbines are one of those quirky holiday items that you just have to make.

Whether you’re making them for your own family or making them in your backyard, they’re always a hit and go item.

They can be enjoyed all year round and can be used in so many different ways, so why not try them in an alternative holiday season dish?

You can use them as a snack for your dinner, a savoury topping for a salad or even as a decoration.

Here’s how to make woodbins for the holidays.

How to Make a Woodbine Napkin For the Holiday Season Woodbins are one the most popular and easiest Christmas dishes.

They are usually made in the kitchen and are usually served with some sort of holiday treat.

So, why not make a wooden napkin as an alternative?

The woodbiner is basically a napkin with a small hole cut in the side so that you can pour your favourite holiday treats into.

If you like the look of a napkins, you can also make them in a glass or ceramic bowl.

If using a glass bowl, it’s important that you put some sort, such as a tea cup, coffee mug or plastic bag over the hole so that the napkins will stay in the bowl.

For the glass bowl method, you don’t need to make any decoration, but if you want to use it for decorating your own table, just make a hole on the side and pour some festive treats into the bowl before filling it.

You can make them from cardboard, tin or plastic.

You’ll need: 4mm wood or ceramic pipe for the hole cut into the napkin