Why Villas in Jamaica and Brazil are worth more than villas at home

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Villas at the foot of volcanoes, the ruins of ancient pyramids, and the ruins, of an ancient city on the edge of the Andes are among the world’s most sought-after properties, with millions of dollars on the line.

But the homes are far from the most coveted in the world.

The world’s top-five highest-valued houses have been built by foreign governments or foreign corporations.

They range from $3 billion for a modern home in London to $3.5 billion for the home of the richest man in the United States.

Villas have also been a boon for wealthy families in Europe, where villas are considered a way to preserve family wealth while offering luxury and privacy to their elite.

They’re also among the most sought after in the U.S. The average price of a villa in the nation’s capital, where the average annual salary is $8.3 million, is nearly double the average salary of a single person in the country.

But that doesn’t mean that there are more expensive homes on the market than in the rest of the country, where homes are more often listed at more affordable prices.

The median price of the five-bedroom, five-bathroom villas that Forbes magazine recently ranked as the world 10th most expensive was $1.5 million.

The price of one of those five-room, five to 6-bathrooms homes in the suburbs of Boston is about $3 million.

As the property boom in the developing world continues to drive up prices, more and more people are turning to villas as a place to live, a trend that’s being driven by a surge in demand in the Middle East and North Africa.

As of this year, there were more than 8.3 billion people living in the region, with more than 3.3 of them living in villas.

And with demand increasing in many of those countries, it’s no surprise that villas have become increasingly sought-out by wealthier locals.

Villans in Jordan, which boasts the most wealthy population in the Gulf Cooperation Council, have the most expensive villas on the planet.

And there are other rich people who are turning up the volume in their luxury residences.

Saudi Arabia has more than 6,000 villas worth $2.7 billion, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, with prices ranging from $5.6 million for a five-star, four-story villa at Jumeirah in the Eastern Province to $9.2 million for an 8,400-square-foot one in the capital.

Villages in Dubai are listed for as much as $8 million per square foot.

But if you look at villas owned by the U,K., U.N., or U.K. government, the prices can range from as low as $2,500 per square meter in London, where it’s worth nearly $400,000, to as high as $4 million for the same size home in New York.

The world’s 10 most expensive homes in 2017: