The villa of Jokowi’s mother

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A villa in the Villas in the West Hills is being marketed as the “jerk” villa by Jokwis mother, according to the property manager for a nearby property, a source close to the family told The Hindu.

Jokowis father, the late Nansar, was the first President of Indonesia, and his family is among the wealthiest in Indonesia.

His wife, who was a high-ranking member of the Jokowan family, was among the first to hold the office of president.

Joko has not commented publicly on the reports, but the villa’s listing on the real estate market is not surprising given the fact that his father’s family has been in power for nearly half a century.

The family’s wealth has grown rapidly since then, and Jokowa has been one of the most powerful people in the country for decades.JOKOWI SAVINGS MONEY AND MONEY MADE FROM PUNISHING JOKOWIS PROFESSORSIn 2004, Jokwa was forced to step down from the presidency after being indicted by the Constitutional Court for corruption, and a criminal investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) into his son, Nansal Jokwi, was launched.

The NACC accused Nansa of illegally transferring more than $100 million from Jokwalis family company, Siam Industries, and of embezzling some $300 million from the company’s bank account.

Joks mother has maintained that she was never in any financial trouble, and that her son is worth millions of dollars.

She has maintained since then that she is the sole owner of the property and has not been involved in any of the business activities, according the NACC report.

However, in December 2016, she announced that her assets had been frozen.

Jokawis wife, Nani Siam, has said that the family’s assets had gone up in value because the government was pressuring the family to sell the villas.

In the meantime, the family has used their political clout to keep the villares listed on the market.

The NACC’s investigation found that the villare was purchased for about $7 million from an Indonesian billionaire named Zara Jokawi in 2015.

The sale was made at the height of the global financial crisis, and was intended to help the family pay for the purchase of a house for the president, who had been living in a palace in Singapore for almost two years.

It also was intended as a way to pay for a large project to build a villa for the family in the same location.

Nani Sias husband, Joko Wannabe, has denied any involvement in the sale.

In February, the Jakarta Post reported that he was the main beneficiary of the sale, and Nani Wannabes wife, Amali Siammawati, was listed as a beneficiary of $5 million.

The report stated that Amali was the second largest beneficiary.

The sale of the villamouse was also reportedly made under pressure from the United States.

In September 2016, the US Embassy in Jakarta issued a statement saying that the sale of a villamuse was being investigated by the Department of Commerce, and said that Jokwanis son was in line for a $10 million payout from the sale for “improving his business and personal position.”

The villamuses property was bought by Joko from the Joko-led Jakarta government.

After his father left office, the Joks moved to the villagas private residence, and built a residence in the city’s Marina district.

The Joks own home is located at the same address.

In May 2017, the Indonesian president issued a decree that all villas in Jakarta’s western suburbs be turned over to the JOKWIs family, and the family is also listed on a list of properties in the region.