Which island is the most beautiful?

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As part of the new documentary series, National Geographic photographer George Stokes took his camera and crew on a breathtaking tour of the island of Grand Villa Montez in the Gulf of Mexico, where he photographed the homes of many famous American figures.

He captured beautiful homes and the beauty of the landscape, all on a grand scale.

The photos above were captured in the year 2000.

The home of the legendary singer and songwriter, David Crosby, and his wife, Virginia, which sits atop a hill overlooking the Gulf.

It was home to the singer’s family and many of his friends and acquaintances, including his friend and longtime manager, John Oates. 

Grand Villa Monterrey is a small, sandy island in the gulf of Mexico about 60 miles (96 kilometers) northwest of Mexico City, Mexico. 

In the 1980s, the resort was named the Monterey Island by its residents.

It sits at a height of 2,600 feet (905 meters) above sea level, and is a popular spot for photographers and vacationers. 

As Stokes’ team visited the island, they discovered the following homes on the island:The estate of the American singer-songwriter David Crosby and his late wife, Vladek Barbato, which rests atop a small hill overlooking Grand Villa Montez. 

The estate home of American singer and dancer, Linda Ronstadt. 

Stokes was impressed with the home’s opulence and its design, which is reminiscent of a royal palace.

The estate’s mansion, which overlooks Grand Villa Mono, which lies in the center of Grand Canyon National Park. 

Another mansion on the property, which has a small castle on its roof, is the home of singer-comedian, Eddie Murphy.

Stokes said the mansion’s architecture is reminiscent “of a medieval castle.” 

The mansion of American musician, singer-writer and producer, Frank Sinatra, where Sinatra lived with his family. 

Sunglass and eyeglasses shop, where the Sinatra family lived in the 1920s and 30s. 

A painting of a young woman, who was known as a beautiful beauty, by the artist, Robert Rauschenberg, and the home where Sinler was born. 

Paintings by Rauscher and other artists, including the house where Sinater was born, were also on the mansion. 

Other home and businesses on the estate include the home owned by a member of the Beatles, who lived on the home at one point.

Stokes said in an email that the mansion has been used as a location for movies, but that he’s been very lucky to photograph it on a daily basis. 

I’m always amazed at how this home has remained so untouched by time, he said. 

Gone are the days when the home was known for its architecture and beauty.

Now, when I look at this property today, I think, ‘wow, that’s beautiful.’

“The home where singer and singer-actor Frank Sinatras family was born and raised. 

At the entrance to the estate. 

Inside the house, which was once home to musicians, Sinatra was born in 1921. 

 In 1922, a building was constructed on the grounds to house the estate’s first hotel. 

It’s now home to an arts and crafts store. 

Home of singer and comedian Eddie Murphy, who is one of the celebrities featured in the series. 

‘It was beautiful,’ Stokes says of his Grand Villa Montserrat. 

From left, singer and musician Frank Sinato, singer, singer/songwriter, and singer/actor, Eddie Izzard, who were born in 1919. 

Eddie Murphy, left, and fellow singer/actress, Linda Rennegan, were born on the same day. 

This is the property that houses the house of David Crosby. 

And, in this image, the house that has inspired Sinatra and others to record their music.