How to celebrate Thanksgiving with a pizza restaurant in New Mexico

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For the uninitiated, Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrating the harvest of food from the land and the spirit of the season.

But New Mexico is home to several pizza parlors that offer a wide variety of delicious food and treats.

Some have been around for a while, while others have been established in the last few years.

Some are family owned, while the others are operated by restaurants with large populations of diners.

While the popularity of many of these establishments has increased, they are not necessarily the only ones offering great pizza and other traditional Thanksgiving fare.

One thing to note is that many of the restaurants are not located on the same block, but on different streets.

So if you want to enjoy a slice of pie, head to the right street to get there fast.

This article will discuss the best places to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at a pizza parlor.

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Albuquerque, we recommend you check out the list below.1.

The Pizza Parlor in Santa Fe, New Mexico2.

The Barrio Pizzeria in Albuquerque3.

The Parlor of Pizza in Santa Rosa, California4.

Pizza Parlors of Santa Fe and Albuquerque7.

The Restaurant and Bar in Santa Maria, California9.

The Casa de los Cajon in Santa Ana, California10.

The Santa Fe Pizza Parlchere in Santa Barbara, California11.

The Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque12.

The La Palma Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California14.

The Salty Kitchen in Santa Monica, California15.

The Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada16.

The Pizzagard in Las Cruces, New York17.

The Little Bistro in Los Angeles, California18.

The Tavern in Santa Clarita, California19.

The Café in Santa Paula, California20.

The El Rey Restaurant in San Diego, California21.

The Rizzoli’s Pizza Parlthere in New York, New Zealand22.

The Cafe in Santa Margarita, New Jersey23.

The Spaghetti Bolognese Parlour in Los Alamos, California24.

The Cajun Grill in West Hollywood, California25.

The D’Agostino’s Italian Kitchen in Los Altos, CA26.

The Old World Pizza Parlot in Phoenix, Arizona27.

The New World Pizza House in Phoenix28.

The American Bistrot in Santa Clara, California29.

The Oven Parlours in New Orleans30.

The Artisanal Kitchen in Austin, Texas31.

The Red Barn Parlor and Parlor on the Beach in Portland, Oregon32.

The Farmhouse Parlort in New Brunswick, New Brunswick33.

The Deli in Austin34.

The Steak House in Albuquerque35.

The Meat Parlounge in New Jersey36.

The Ice Cream Parlouring in Portland37.

The Grilled Cheese Parlory in Chicago38.

The BBQ and Chicken Parlor in Chicago39.

The Fish & Chips Parlorship in San Francisco40.

The Gourmet Burger Parlery in Seattle41.

The Coffeehouse in Washington, D.C.42.

The Kitchen in Atlanta43.

The French Bistros in Los Angles44.

The Pastry Parlature in San Antonio45.

The Wine Bar in Washington D. C.46.

The Beach Bar in Orlando47.

The Bistrophobia in Chicago48.

The Beer Garden in Chicago49.

The Sandwiches in New London50.

The Chicken Parlor & Bar in New Haven51.

The Pub in Seattle52.

The Laundry in Washington53.

The Country Club in Washington 54.

The Golf Course in Miami55.

The Clubhouse in New England56.

The Vineyards in Colorado57.

The Playground in Los Padres58.

The Ballroom in Nashville59.

The Shoppe in New Hampshire60.

The Market in Atlanta61.

The Museum in Seattle62.

The House in Santa Claus63.

The Tiki Bar in San Jose64.

The Sports Bar in Los Gatos65.

The Fitness Club in Santa María66.

The Nightclub in Chicago67.

The Bed and Breakfast in Denver68.

The Spa in Portland69.

The Garden Club in Los Banos70.

The Grill in New Delhi71.

The Dance Club in Seattle72.

The Cabaret in San Pedro, Costa Rica73.

The Theatre in New Zealand74.

The Resort in Hawaii75.

The Holiday Inn in Las Positas76.

The Cinema in Chicago77.

The Lounge in New Yorks78.

The Gym in Austin79.

The Pool Club in Miami80.

The Theater in Seattle81.

The Home in Newburyport82.

The Campground in Newburgh, Massachusetts83.

The Petting Zoo in Massachusetts84.

The Bowling Alley in San Rafael, California85.

The Tennis Club in Austin86.

The Leisure Centre in Portland