A $20 million Italian villa at Pancho Villas is getting a major makeover – but with a twist

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Panchos villas are known for their spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Alps.

And if that isn’t enough, the Italian-designed villas have a number of culinary options, too.

With its restaurant menu featuring a variety of local dishes, the resort is also home to a rooftop bar.

A $200 million Italian-style villa in Italy, Pancholagas, is getting its own modern dining space, with a rooftop patio and rooftop garden. 

The $1.5 million, 4,500-square-foot, 4-bedroom villa is slated to open in early 2019 and has already been selected as the new host of the 2018 Venice Film Festival.

The new location is located in Panchógasto, a small village in the central region of Calabria in the state of Umbria, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Rome.

A total of 12 villas were chosen as finalists in the 2018 Italian-themed villa competition, which was sponsored by the Italian restaurant company Domenico Domenati.

The winners were announced Monday and the finalist, Pancagasto in Umbria , is now in the final stages of the planning. 

In addition to a restaurant, the new Pancholaagas also includes an indoor pool, a wine bar, an indoor tennis court, a sauna, a swimming pool and outdoor tennis courts. 

Pancagas is expected to open to the public in 2019.

The resort will include a pool and spa, with indoor tennis courts and saunas, and it will also have a rooftop restaurant, with outdoor seating and a terrace with a pool, according to The Associated Press.

Pancholas villas feature luxurious accommodations with private swimming pools and terraces, with the latest technology including a video screen that lets visitors take photos with their phones. 

The Panchodas villas will also feature a modern kitchen, with modern appliances and modern equipment, such as a high-speed oven, a water heater and an electric heat pump. 

More information can be found on the Panchoragas website.