When you’re not a Christian: What the Bible says about marriage and sexual morality

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Here are some of the main Christian doctrines: The first and most important thing is the love of God, the love which is in you, not of any one person, but of all mankind.

There is no such thing as a marriage of love.

If one person is attracted to another, he is to be treated with the utmost respect.

He is not to be abused, nor to be humiliated, nor even to be tempted.

A marriage is the union of one man and one woman, in order that the one may be the good image of the other.


7:23-25) The marriage is between a man and a woman.

There are three types of marriages.

The first is between the husband and wife in a private place, and there is no penalty for it.

There can be no marriage of carnal lust, because this is an idolatry.


19:27-28) The second marriage is a civil wedding, and it has no penalty.

The penalty for a civil marriage is that the marriage is dissolved.

If the man is divorced, he must return to the marriage.

The woman is permitted to remain in the marriage, but she is to obey her husband in everything.

The third marriage is an ecclesiastical marriage, and the penalty for this is that a civil divorce is ordered, and this may happen only when the law has changed.

The husband is to keep the marriage in order, and if the woman becomes pregnant, the husband must be absent from the home.

The wife is to continue her husband’s service in the church, and must obey her lord.

If her husband dies, she must not divorce him, and he must not remarry her.

In this marriage, the penalty is for the husband to remarry.

The second wife is the widow of a husband who has died, and she must be separated from her husband.

The law has prohibited the husband from remarrying a second wife, and when the divorce has been ordered, she is required to be absent and live with the second husband.

If she is married to the husband of another man, she may remarry him, but only after the husband has died.


20:14-15) The third wife is not married to a husband but is the daughter of her husband and has been given to him as a concubine.

The punishment for this marriage is for her to be punished with the husband, and her husband to be condemned.

This is a kind of civil marriage, because she is bound to obey him in everything, even the marriage contract.


34:12) In this last marriage, one of the wives has an illegitimate child, and they have a civil dispute, and, according to the law, she has to be separated.


23:14) Marriage is an institution which has the power of God and is ordained by Him.

In the first marriage, God ordained the man to be the first to have sexual intercourse with his wife, but God has forbidden her to have a second sexual union with another man.

Therefore, the woman cannot have another sexual relationship with a man, and is bound by the first man’s laws to obey the law of the first.

This second marriage, though not a civil one, is a union between two persons who are bound to each other by the same covenant of marriage.

(Gen. 15:21-22) The first wife was not given to the man, but he took her and he gave her to another man who had a sexual relationship.

This was a civil agreement, because God did not give the first wife to another person.

(Judges 4:14,15) It is important to remember that the man and woman are in a spiritual marriage, which is to say, in a relationship of mutual love.

The marriage between the two of them is not something which happens in the physical world.

It takes place spiritually.

The man and his wife live in the presence of God in the body.

They partake of the sacraments, they partake of prayer, they make love to God in private.

In all of this, they are living in the flesh.

It must be remembered that the Christian is not an animal, and that God is not a materialist.

He sees all human relations as pertaining to God, not to us.

The Bible tells us that a man is to marry a woman, who is to bear him children.

This includes all kinds of marriages, including civil and ecclesiastical, civil and civil-religious, and marriage-religious.

The definition of marriage is, “a union of man and wife,” but it does not specify which of these is the true marriage