Tropical Storm Ana to make landfall as it approaches Portugal

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Tropical Storm Andrew is expected to make its second landfall in Portugal in the coming hours, bringing tropical storm conditions to the Atlantic coast.

Andrew is forecast to bring gusts up to 120 mph and storm surge of 6 to 10 feet in parts of the island of Madeira, where the wind gusts are expected to reach up to 110 mph.

Tropical storm warnings have been issued for coastal areas and the southeastern portion of the state of Madeire.

The center of the storm is expected between 30 and 40 miles (50 to 60 kilometers) south of Lisbon.

It’s expected to move west-northwest over the next 24 hours, reaching the Portuguese mainland by Tuesday.

The National Hurricane Center has declared the storm a Category 4 storm and is expected for maximum sustained winds of 100 mph (160 kph).

The center is expected near the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Tropical Storms can bring heavy rain, flooding and damaging winds to parts of Portugal.

The hurricane center issued tropical storm watch and warning for the northeastern and northeastern coasts of Portugal and for the southeastern part of the country of Madeiria.

A tropical storm warning was issued for the eastern and southeastern part as well.

Tropical weather warnings have also been issued across the United States.

Tropical storms have often brought powerful winds, heavy rain and heavy coastal flooding in the Southeast.

Tropical rain in the area is expected in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Delaware and Delaware Bay.

It will reach New England on Wednesday, and it will bring heavy rainfall to parts in the central part of New York state.

More than 60 inches of rain is forecast for parts of New England and New York City.

A hurricane watch was issued in Delaware for parts on Wednesday and the Atlantic Coast.

The storm is moving toward the Carolinas.

Forecasters say tropical storm watches are in effect for parts in South Carolina and parts of South Carolina.

It is expected that heavy rains will hit parts of Virginia.

It could be a slow-moving storm, so it could be possible to see rain and thunderstorms over areas in Virginia, Virginia Beach, Virginia and parts in central Virginia and western Virginia.