Weather report is too good to be true, weather expert says

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VILLE PLATTE, France — Ville Platte weatherman Ville Plattier said it is too early to say if the weather report was a hoax.

The weather service is expected to release its annual report today.

“There is no need to worry about the report as it is an extremely accurate report and a very good guide to the weather situation in France,” Plattiere told Business Insider in an email.

But the news of the report’s authenticity could cause some problems for those in France who rely on the weather to get through the day.

In France, weather stations can’t report the temperature of the air because the National Weather Service (SNCF) doesn’t have the capacity to do so.

And it is illegal to measure the temperature in France under the law, which bans people from doing so unless they have the permission of a local authority.

In an email, Plattender said that the weather service was in contact with the SNCF.

He said the weather agency would continue to monitor the situation and work with the public to make sure the reports were accurate.