Why a new tower in a former prison is so important

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A new tower on a former jail in Florida will serve as the centerpiece of a major redevelopment project in Westgate Villas, a luxury resort on the coast of Florida.

The $300 million project will transform the Westgate Village into a mixed-use project, with apartments, retail space and a hotel.

“We’ve always been committed to building affordable housing and we’re thrilled to be bringing Westgate into the 21st century,” said Mark Barden, CEO of Barden Group, which owns the Westgegas luxury resort.

“It’s a wonderful piece of real estate that is going to bring people to Westgate.”

The new Westgate apartment building, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is the first to be completed by the firm.

The tower is about 4.5 million square feet, according to the project website.

The building, which has an underground parking garage, will be designed to be more accessible than the other buildings in the development.

A new parking garage will also be added to the building, and the hotel will be expanded to accommodate larger rooms, Barden said.

The project will include a hotel, two condominiums, three office towers, and more than 500 luxury condos.

The apartments will be located in a 2,200-square-foot building at the corner of Westgate Avenue and W. 6th Street.

The development includes retail space at the West Gate Villas Resort, retail spaces at the hotel, a 1,400-square foot hotel, and hotel amenities.

“The Westgate villa project is a fantastic example of how a developer can combine the best of a hotel with the best in a new development,” said Andrew R. Durbin, the mayor of Miami-Dade.

“This project will make a tremendous impact on our city and its residents, and we are confident that Westgate will continue to make a positive impact on Miami-dade for decades to come.”

Barden is a former vice president at Skidier Group, the private equity firm that acquired Westgate, in January.

In February, Barens family company acquired the company from the Durbins.

The new company will be called Barden Properties, Brenner said.