What to know about the Pizza Villa, Coronavirus hotspot in Puerto Rico

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On October 7, 2016, Corona Pizza Hut and Pizza Express opened a pizza-making factory in Puerto Rican territory, the Dominican Republic.

The factory is in Coronado, a coastal city of Puerto Rico and home to the city’s largest city, San Juan.

The Puerto Rican government has declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory evacuation.

In a press conference, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló said the pandemic was expected to hit Puerto Rico the following day, and that the pandemics could affect more than 1 million people.

“If you look at our country, we are in the middle of a very difficult time,” Rossello said.

“We are facing a serious pandemic and we will continue to face it.”

The governor announced a $20 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the people responsible for the factory fire.

The fire broke out on October 8, killing five employees.

Puerto Rico’s governor announced on October 10 that there was a high level of surveillance in the town of San Juan after the factory was destroyed.

Rossellos administration has blamed the blaze on the local power company, which had not activated the sprinkler system in time.

Rossellos administration had ordered the evacuation of the entire town and ordered the state of Emergency declaration, a request that the Puerto Rican legislature has approved.

A day later, Rossellomos administration announced that the building’s owners were cooperating with federal investigators.

Rosselo said that in addition to the factory, there were two other fireplaces in the city of San Miguel, which is in the municipality of Cancun, that had been left unlit.

The investigation into the factory is ongoing.