‘Carnivore’ animal farm owner to sell $15m mansion in Florida

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An animal-rights activist says he will sell a $15 million Florida mansion and move his pet tiger to a new home after he was caught on video eating a chicken he caught on camera.

“I want the people who live there to know that this is an act of animal cruelty,” said David “Puffy” Tatum, whose mansion on Palm Springs’ Palm Springs Estate sold for $2.4 million last month.

“It’s wrong.

I think they should kill the animals.”

Tatum’s house sits on a tract of land owned by the city of Palm Springs, which bought it for $6.9 million in 2011.

It’s been a hot-ticket property, selling for as much as $150,000 for a home that can be rented out for a couple of years.

Tatum is also an owner of a pet tigers, which can cost as much or more than a dog, which Tatum has a lot of.

“They have no idea what they’re doing, what they should be doing,” Tatum said of the animals he feeds.

Tuma said he has not seen a single animal killed in the past five years, and he’s also not aware of any deaths since his tigers were born.

The city of Palms, which purchased the property, released a statement saying it is committed to ensuring that its residents are not harmed.

“The Palm Springs city council is committed and committed to making the most of our land, and the city will continue to work closely with local authorities to ensure that the health and safety of our residents are protected,” the statement said.

Tumas neighbors say the video is “absolutely disgusting” and said they’re worried for his cats and other animals. “

Palm Springs has a zero-tolerance policy towards animal cruelty and we will continue that in the future.”

Tumas neighbors say the video is “absolutely disgusting” and said they’re worried for his cats and other animals.

The Palm Springs resident said he plans to sell the mansion and use his money to build a wildlife sanctuary, including a sanctuary for tigers.

The video shows Tatum eating the chicken and then taking the footage and posting it online.

Tumases Facebook page is filled with pictures of animals, including two tigers, a dog and a cat.

The website where the video was posted includes links to videos of the cats and a link to an article about the tiger.

The videos are the latest in a string of animal abuse allegations against Tumades, who was previously caught on the Palm Springs Animal Care Center’s Facebook page, a shelter for abused animals.

Tums house has also been the subject of two lawsuits filed by animal advocates, including one filed by the Center for Responsible Littering.

The Center for a Responsible Livestock told The Associated Press it had no comment on the lawsuit.

The animal care center has been the target of a wave of lawsuits over its treatment of animals.

“When we first learned about the video we took immediate action and launched a thorough investigation into the situation,” a spokesperson for the Palm, Florida-based nonprofit told the AP.

“We took action to terminate David’s contract immediately and the center has zero tolerance for any animal abuse or neglect.”

The video, posted on Facebook by a friend of Tumates, shows the two cats on the porch eating a bowl of chicken.

The friend who posted the video said he did not know the owner, and Tumata has denied having a relationship with the cats.

The man who posted Tumats video, Tatum told the Palm Sentinel that he has been in and out of jail for drug-related charges.

“For the past seven years, I’ve been in jail because I’m a felon, and I’ve gotten a lot more lenient,” Tumatas statement said, according to the Palm Gazette.

“But this has nothing to do with that, this is about animals.

This has nothing at all to do in terms of me being a good person.”