Malagasy island villas in Maldives water resort are ‘not fit for human habitation’

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A luxury villa on Malagas water island has been condemned by the Maldives government as unfit for human settlement, a senior Maldives official said on Tuesday.

The luxury villas at Almiras de Ville and Lux de Villes, which cost more than $4 million, were built by the billionaire Almiraje Alves and his family.

The villas were built in a bid to improve the island’s water quality and provide accommodation for visitors, Almirais Alves told the Al Jazeera World Service.

The Maldives Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MTA) said the villas had been removed from public view following the complaints lodged by local residents, which led to a visit by a local official.

“We are concerned about the construction of luxury villae in Malagases water resort, which are not fit for the human habitance,” said Almirares Alves, chairman of the Maldive Development Authority (MDAA).

“We have lodged complaints with the local government, and the construction and management of these villas have been halted,” he added.

“These villas are not suitable for the use of the residents.

We have lodged a complaint to the MDA to request that they stop the construction.”

The villa has a capacity for five guests and has a swimming pool and spa, as well as a fitness centre, he said.

The MDA did not respond to a request for comment from Al Jazeera.

Almiras and Luxde Villes are the two most expensive villas on Malas water resort.

Both villas can accommodate up to 20 guests, while Almirias villas offer room for two.

The two luxury villareas are among the top 10 most expensive properties on Malay Island, according to real estate website said it was the first luxury villamat on Malags water island to be condemned by authorities, while it said the luxury villares cost more, and were more expensive than most other villas.

“The MDPA have declared the villamats to be not fit to the use and the purpose of the islands residents and has decided to suspend their construction,” Almirans Alves said.

Malagas has been plagued by poverty for years.

The poverty has been exacerbated by the country’s economic crisis, which has led to more than 3 million people leaving the island in the past three years.