Man charged with shooting dead neighbour’s dog

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Police in Argentina say they have charged a man with fatally shooting a dog that had broken into his home and attacked his neighbours.

Argentina’s state prosecutor said on Tuesday the 25-year-old suspect in the incident had confessed to the killing of the dog in a complaint filed by the neighbour.

The owner of the cat, who had been attacked by the cat on several occasions, said she found a bullet in the cat’s chest and a knife in the kitchen of the house, which was empty.

“I had seen the man in the morning and he was lying on the floor in front of me,” the neighbour, who gave her name only as María, told Reuters news agency.

Her husband had been shot and killed in an attempted robbery last month.

Police said they would file a death certificate in the case later.

The suspect has been charged with a separate incident in which a neighbour reported seeing a man in a black coat with long hair who was trying to run away from the house.

He told police he was on his way to work, where he had been fired.