Which of these villas in the villas toscanas is the best?

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The villas of the villa toscano in the Villas de San Juan del Sur in the Spanish resort of Vila toscena are some of the best in Spain, according to a new ranking by The Economist.

Villas in Punta Arenas and Castellón are also in the top five.

“The villas have a unique mix of the luxurious, the relaxed and the cosy, with rooms designed with a classical design and an intimate feel,” writes the Economist.

The villa’s two bedrooms, on the top floor of a six-story tower, have an open-plan layout that has a balcony overlooking a courtyard.

The main floor of the building has a lounge, a large dining room and a small bedroom.

The three-story main floor also has a guest house, an indoor swimming pool and a sauna.

Other villas on the island include the villagemotel in the town of Villanueva, the villago de la razón, or castle, in Villan, and the villan de las razones, or island palace.

The most popular of the islands are the villafuelas, which are popular with families of four, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Villafuela del Marin in the coastal resort of Puerto Maldonado is the top-ranked villa in Spain.

The resort has a total of 14 villas, and includes two in a tower.

It has a private lake, a tennis court, a spa, a cinema, a gym and a gymnasium.

The castle also has two bedrooms and a full kitchen.

The island has a good track record of attracting visitors, with more than 5 million visits to the island in 2013, according the Economist, which includes 5.1 million tourists and 4.5 million people.