What happens to a city’s golden age?

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With the NFL’s schedule, playoff spot and all the other factors in play, many of us wonder how long it will take for a team to return to prominence.

With so many of the best teams in the league competing at a high level, can any franchise be deemed the best in its division?

Well, not always.

A recent study by the University of Colorado’s Sports Management Department, which examined the performance of NFL teams in recent years, found that teams with two consecutive seasons with a winning record would be more likely to make the playoffs.

The same is true of the National Football League (NFL) with three consecutive seasons winning.

However, the study noted that the team with the best record in each of the previous four years would have the highest probability of making the playoffs in a given season.

This was also true for the National Basketball Association (NBA), according to the study.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why the NFL has so much competition and why it is hard to rank teams.

While the NFL teams that are considered elite, such as the Denver Broncos and New York Giants, have made it to the postseason each year, teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are still in contention for the NFC North, the conference that includes Minnesota and New Orleans.