What is the most exclusive villa on the Gold Coast?

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Villas in Brisbane, Melbourne and Port Macquarie are among the most luxurious, but it appears the luxury is coming from far more expensive properties.

Key points:A new home at the Gold, Coogee and Cairns Goldfields was recently listed for $2.95 millionIn an exclusive listing, the new villa at Port MacQuarie was priced at $2,938,000It is the first time a villa has been listed for more than $2 millionThe home is the largest and the most expensive in the Goldfields, a community of 4,400 people.

It is also the first in the country to be listed for so much more than the listed price.

It has a total floor area of 5,200 square metres and is the home of the new owner of the estate, who bought it in 2012.

The property, known as The Villas at Port Cairnes, has a whopping 4,000 square metres of living space and is set to open to the public next month.

It was listed for about $2 billion in 2014, but the listing is now for more.

The new listing has been put up for bid on the website RM Property.

Owner of the property, Ian Campbell, told the ABC he is happy to pay more, as he was “bought” at the peak of the housing boom in 2014.

“I’m not a hoarder, I am a realist,” he said.

“It is a property I am happy to be a part of, but I am also keen to get the best deal for the home.”

My priority is to get it back on the market for the best price possible.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to offer the home to the world.”

Mr Campbell said the listing would bring “a great benefit to the community”.

“I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we make this final push to get this home up for sale,” he wrote.

Mr Campbell is currently the chairman of the Queensland Association of Goldfields Owners (QAGO), which represents many of the owners of luxury villas in the Queensland Goldfields.

“There are so many wonderful properties across the Goldfords that have been undervalued for so long, we just need to ensure that they are not taken out by a few people and it doesn’t happen again,” he told the Queensland Times.

“The market is full of great homes and I think it is great to see that there are a number of great villas being put on the list.”

Mr Smith said it was important that the homes were listed for “fair” prices.

“A lot of people are very quick to criticise people when they don’t have the best prices,” he explained.

“But if a property is listed for what the market will bear, then it should be worth a lot more.”

If it is not worth what you pay it should not be on the listing.

“It’s not the first villa listed for much moreThe last of the large villas listed for less than $1 million were all in the Brisbane area.

The current listing is only one of several large properties listed for a combined $2-million, but a number more have been put on by people with less experience in the market.”

This is the third one that is listed this year, so it has a lot of potential,” Mr Smith said.

He said the sale price of the villa was “undervalued”.”

The listing has a great deal of potential, but there is also a great amount of interest and interest will dictate what price you pay,” he added.”

When it comes to selling a home, you can always find the best deals, but you also need to look at the long-term value of the home.

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