Which beach villa should I buy in Ireland?

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The most expensive beach villahouse in Ireland is set to go on sale for the first time, but what do you think about its price?

The most expensive villa in Ireland, named Myrtle Beach, is set for a major sale next month.

The property, located on the southern tip of Ireland, has been in the family for generations, and is a luxury property owned by a number of wealthy individuals.

The property was built in 1891 and was named in honour of the island’s first female mayor.

The island’s last female mayor, Jane Goodall, was born there in 1889.

The villa has a swimming pool, a spa and a pool hall.

The villa was the site of a recent fire which forced the closure of the beachfront area for several weeks in June.

The listing, on the Dublin property’s website, describes the property as being “in excellent condition”, with “an attractive and historic design”.

“The building was originally built in 1890 for the local parish council, but was subsequently given to the Dublin County Council for use by the estate.

This property is a part of a large estate that includes a golf course and tennis courts,” it states.”

The property features a beautiful private beach with spectacular views across the Bay of Biscay and the Bay Of Biscays mountains.

The main villa is in excellent condition, with a swimming pools and spa.”

There are also two separate gardens and a tennis court.

“The property is valued at more than €400,000 ($490,000), and is currently on the market for €5.5 million.

A total of 18 villas were built by the family, with most of the properties built in the 19th century.

The majority of the villas have been sold in recent years, and most of them were built in private homes, according to the listing.