The villa serenas a former villa with a secret history

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The story of the villas serenade, with its famous red and yellow tiled roof, is a tale of one man’s quest to bring the villae of the Roman era to life.

In the mid-20th century, the Italian architect Federico Villa was commissioned to build a new villa in the city of Bologna, on the outskirts of the Italian capital.

Villas serene is the name of a large, concrete-floored, glass-roofed villa that stands on the site of the original villa.

The architect and architect-in-residence at the time, Giovanni Battista Di Stefano, had designed a villa at Villa Verona in Rome that was similar to the one built by Federico villas, which was demolished in 1879.

But when the original was destroyed, Di Stefanao decided to turn his attention to the future villa to complete the renovation.

A year later, Federico’s son Giovanni, who was also working as an architect, designed a smaller version of the house.

The house was later turned into the original Villas, and a museum dedicated to the original structure now occupies the site.

Federico wanted to build his own villa for his father, but it was not possible to build in the style of the earlier villas.

Instead, he wanted to use the architecture of his father’s earlier villa as a blueprint for his own design.

This prompted Federico to make the design for a new house in the same style as the old one.

The new house, with a total of 11 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, was built in 1927.

The design was completed and finished in time for the wedding of the Federico family to his wife, Maria Elena, in 1929.

The original villas were destroyed by fire in the summer of 1937, but the building of a new one has been underway for nearly 60 years.

The villas are now on display at the Bolognese City Museum and the villagas seyne was part of the museum’s permanent collection.

In recent years, Federica has tried to bring them back to life in other ways.

For example, in 2015, he created a replica of the courtyard of the former villas that was originally intended to be part of a public garden.

The museum is also using the villans serenades for its exhibition.

“I’m trying to make a house for Federico, but I also want to create something for the city,” Federico told the news website Sputnik News.

He also wants to bring back the villar’s original roof.