When the first cruise ship left, the Philippines lost 2,000 sailors

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An ocean villas inn in the Philippines was the last refuge for nearly 2,500 seamen who were rescued by the Japanese navy after the U.S. and Philippine governments ordered them to surrender.

They were part of the second group of sailors who sailed to the Philippines from Hong Kong on March 11, 1942.

They arrived in the tiny Pacific island nation on March 13, 1942, and were to be evacuated to Japan before the war ended.

But after more than two years of negotiations, the United States and the Philippines signed a peace treaty on June 26, 1942 that ended the Pacific War.

Now, the survivors of that era are the subject of an exhibition opening Tuesday at the Philippine National Museum of History and Culture.

The show is titled, “The Lost Coast: A Survivor’s Journey.”

It features photos of the seamen, along with stories from survivors and relatives of the missing, who describe the ship’s life.

“The island of San Juan was our last refuge, our last hope, our only hope,” says one sailor, whose family has a history of trying to reunite with their loved ones.

“We all hope that we will be reunited soon, but there’s no guarantee.”

The museum will also display a painting by Filipino artist Fernando de Castro that depicts the sailors as they lay in a pool at San Juan.

The painting was created to honor the survivors.

“I want to say, ‘Thank you, Mr. Castro, for creating this beautiful painting for our nation and for our people, for saving so many of our people,'” said one survivor.

“Our country is your country, Mr, Castro.”

De Castro died in December 2017 at age 91.

He was one of the most prolific artists in the world who painted a vast variety of colorful portraits, portraits of artists and writers and even a life-size depiction of an American president, Abraham Lincoln.

The exhibit also includes paintings by Filipino painter Jose Cuervo and Filipino artist Antonio Bongiorno.

De Castro is buried at San Francisco’s National Shrine of the Filipinos.

Bongisorno died in San Diego in 2013.

The museum is hosting the exhibit as part of a five-year celebration of the Philippine Navy, which ended in March 2017.

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